What it's All About


Because introductions through a blog always seem a little contrived and tacky, I didn't want to write one like "Hello, my name is loki & I love writing about plants, and the legality of plants," but it seems that I have already done so. With that out of the way, I wanted to let my readers know what the purpose of this blog is, and how it may benefit them.

For those who know me offline, I'm sure you are aware that I am very passionate about the topic of plants and their beneficial aspects; sadly, it seems that our world thinks very differently and tends to value profit and exploitation of natural resources over cheap, and healthy medicine. Because of this, i'll be doing a lot of writing on the legality and status of different plants, from cannabis sativa to kratom (mitragyna speciosa). However, I'll also be writing on related topics that interest me and that I believe will interest my readers as well. I tend to get my inspiration from other writers, and you will often see me link to many like-minded authors, whom I hope to befriend.

I also will be accepting guest posts from anyone who wants to write related topics!