Kratom for Pain - My Beloved Borneo

Recently I have had some really annoying, and extremely painful tooth problems. Anyone who has dealt with severe tooth pain knows how bad it can be. It wasn't until just recently that I got the put kratom to use in it's full painkilling potential. In fact, after buying a variety of different strains, I found out my perfect blend for painkilling effects. I'm going to discuss some borneo kratom strain combinations that really helped me deal with this whole situation with only relatively mild discomfort. Overall, from what I've experienced, and I bought over 10 different strains (the pain was that bad) in order to find a perfect blends. So with that said here comes the meat of this post.


My Beloved RVB

Wow, so I have been a moderate fan of borneo strains over the past few years, but I never knew how effective they could be for pain, and that's not it. In my experience I have found that for some reason, mixing borneo with another strain for painkilling can really improve the effects of both in an exponential instead of additive way.

In my experience, it seems like borneo has very little side effects besides sleepiness even at pretty high doses, making extracts not nearly as worthwhile as they used to be for me, despite having experimented with this strain in the past, I didn't know how effective using borneo kratom for pain was until I read this post, as I've never dealt with severe pain like that.

So here are my favorite combinations for this purpose:

Red Vein Borneo + Green Vein Bali

Ok, so this is my perfect painkilling blend for quick relief. I've been mixing a red vein borneo strain with a green vein bali strain, and this combination has had the biggest effect out of all the others. A few others have speculated it may be because of the alkaloid differences in the green vs red vein, but at this point I'm really not sure, but I know it definitely works.

Red Vein Borneo + Green Vein Indo

Like the above combination, this one is really unique and packs quite a mood lift with it. However, it definitely puts me to sleep as well, so I didn't use it much at all during the day during this time, despite its effectiveness. This blend also gives a unique floaty sensation, which I've never experienced with such a sedating blend. Very unexpected but neat.

Red Vein Borneo + Green Malaysian

This was my daily blend for the past few weeks for a few reasons. The first reason is because something about this combo makes the length of the RVB a lot longer in comparison to just taking it by itself. Also, because the green malaysian strain I've been using is pretty energetic, I don't encounter almost any sedation until it is about to wear off.