Kratom Combinations Review

While I don't really like the idea of mixing kratom with other psychoactive substances, because we don't really understand the entirety of alkaloids in kratom and their effects, I still think it is a good idea to write a little bit about different combinations and how they typically effect people.

Kratom and Alcohol

A commonly used kratom combination is kratom and alcohol. I personally do not enjoy this very often, the reason being that they tend to accentuate the negatives of each other. However, I have noticed that combining a stimulating strains with moderate to low levels of alcohol can be an enjoyable experience. The trick with this is to keep the dose of alcohol to a minimum in comparison to the kratom, otherwise nausea can certainly occur, and puking up kratom powder is much less than fun.

Kratom and Cannabis


Another common kratom combination used is kratom and cannabis. Using kratom and marijuana together doesn't seem to have much side effects and the two can bring out qualities in each other that are pretty unique. Typically kratom can reduce the edginess of smoking, making it a much more internally calm and serene experience. One of the biggest upsides of heard from the combination of these two can really bring out the beauty of nature. Definitely look at this erowid experience report about this combination to get a good first person overview.

Kratom and Caffeine


Probably the most commonly used kratom combination is kratom and caffeine. While some people have quit caffeine thanks to kratom, the combination of these two can be great for focus and motivation, especially when using a more stimulating strain of kratom like a Thai. Like the cannabis and kratom combo, kratom can also really smooth the edginess of caffeine as well.

While there are a variety of different combinations one can try, be sure to be safe above all when trying these, as every individual is different.