How Safe is Kratom?

For almost anybody looking into using kratom, one of the biggest concerns is safety. However, rest assured that according to nearly every source, kratom is exceptionally safe in comparison to other similar medication, and even other herbs. In fact, kratom has been used for several thousand years without a single effing death contributed to it. That's amazing. It definitely reminds me of another ignorantly hated herb.

Although kratom seems to be safe as anything, it doesn't mean that you should abuse the plant, as anything used in excess can be bad in some way. Moderation is key in nearly everything in life, the sooner you learn this the happier your life will be.

Despite the fact that kratom's safety ratio is extremely impressive, there are some side effects of kratom that can occur when dosing at levels too high.


Temporary Side Effects

Kratom has a few temporary side effects when taken in excess, one of the most well known of these side effects is the wobbles. Nobody knows for certain what the wobbles are, or what causes them, but the feeling is having a hard time focusing the eyes. This effect can lead to a few other side effects like nausea from the feeling of being "off" as well as headaches from straining the eyes. The best trick if this occurs is to just lie down and close your eyes for a few minutes.

Side Effects from Long-Term Use

While some people may have to take kratom for the long term if they are dealing with a condition like chronic pain, I don't advise it unless absolutely necessary. The reason for this is because heavy use of kratom can cause a mild withdrawal symptom upon cessation. Most people compare the withdrawal from kratom to that of caffeine. But even caffeine withdrawals can be no fun. Despite kratom being very safe, it's a good idea to keep it in moderation. This way the effects will be stronger and you won't encounter any lame side effects.