Best Kratom Strains 2014

While I've seen a few posts on the finding the strongest kratom strains, like this best kratom strain guide, they all seem to be very broad instead of specifically focusing on what the best kratom strains are as of right now. I'm not a fan of vagueness when it comes to kratom, while I do appreciate the fact that they are pretty good guides, they aren't my style, I would prefer that people know exactly what strains they should buy this year.

Because of this, I'm going to go into each category of strains like some of the other guides do, but instead I'll give specific examples which I feel will be of more help.


Low-End Sedating Strains

I'm a pretty big fan of the more chill strains of kratom, and this year I've done a lot of shopping around to figure out what I liked the best, and here are my top three.


Ok for anyone who is reminiscent of the good old bali strains that used to be so common, I definitely suggest trying this strain from kratomdelight. While this strain is only sold in minimum amounts of 900 grams, I feel it is definitely worth the investment. I will say though, that not every shipment of this strain that I have gotten is alike. Some feel like a really clean bali, and some feel more borneo like. So there is definitely some variation.

Maeng Da Borneo

This strain from sacredplantlife despite being a maeng da is rather sedating especially at the tail end of the experience. Unlike the previous strain, this one can be sold in smaller quantities, but for the best deal, bulk is definitely the way to go.

RVB - Red Vein Borneo

I've really been a fan of Red Vein Borneo strains, but especially the one from ensobotanicals. This strain just feels really clean, and is really potent as well. The price is a little bit higher than the others, but if you are a fan of borneo strains it is definitely worth the cost.

High-End Energetic Strains

There are a few energetic strains that I'm loving at the minute. Here are my top picks!

RVT - Red Vein Thai

Another top pick of mine for stimulating strains right now is the red vein thai from sacredplantlife as well. For the price it's a very good deal, and is up in the 85th percentile in my opinion for awesome thai strains.

Supreme RVT - Red Vein Thai

This strain from herbal cafe has been good to me as well, it is about on par with the above as far as potency goes but it has some unique effects for a Thai and definitely reminds me of some of the better Thai strains I used to get.